New Year, New Possibilities and a New Approach to Your Health

By Kandiss Fernando, TCMP and Acupuncturist

TCM Acupuncture - Simcoe Place Health ClinicA few years ago, I heard someone say: “To get to a place you have never been, you have to be willing to do things you have never done”.

To most reading this, Chinese Medicine may be something you’ve never done despite the fact that, as a medicine, it is thousands of years old. With its time-tested history, there must be something to it because as a species, we tend not to continue to do things that do not add value to our lives.

Ten years ago, Chinese Medicine was uncharted territory for me. Back then, if someone would have said it would be part of my life’s work, I would have been intrigued but somewhat skeptical. Now, as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of my goals is to encourage my clients to explore TCM as part of their health care routine. In part, this involves encouraging people to tune into their inner wisdom, to listen to that quiet but certain voice within each of us that points us in the direction we should go.

Another goal of mine is to offer my clients a path that may lead to a life beyond their chronic health concerns, helping them create a life in which they don’t just survive, but thrive.

Chinese Medicine is a system that involves many modalities; some of these include Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, and hands-on body and energy work. All of these modalities have one ultimate goal: to activate the innate healing potential that exists within every cell of our being. Chinese Medicine aims to steer the body back to a more optimal way of functioning by building back a healthy momentum.

Chinese Medicine can be beneficial to all systems of the body including the digestive, immune and reproductive systems. One popular application of Chinese Medicine is using acupuncture for pain management of musculoskeletal issues. However, this pain relieving property can also be extended to other types of pain such as emotional and mental discomfort by regulating how stress impacts the body, mind and spirit.

In 2016, whether it is for treating a particular concern, maintaining your health or blossoming into your sense of wellbeing, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can prove to be a helpful new approach to achieving your wellness goals.

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Wishing you an amazing year in health,

Kandiss Fernando

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