Why Your Ankle Injury Needs a Maintenance Plan

By Dr. Bryan Woo, Chiropractor
Ankle Injury - Simcoe Place Health ClinicAnkle injuries are some of the most commonly treated conditions in health care clinics today.

From sport injuries, falls, or even direct trauma such as motor vehicle accidents, almost everyone has had some degree of ankle sprain.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase: “Once you sprain your ankle, you’re most likely going to sprain it again.” This idiom holds true because ankle injuries are often misdiagnosed and in turn, mistreated.

The majority of ankle sprains are inversion sprains. They occur on the outside of the ankle, just below the ankle bone. Typically this happens when the ankle turns down and inward, leading to torn or stretched ligaments and muscles, as well as nerve damage. The result is swelling, bruising, and pain.

The most common treatment for ankle sprains is RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. While it is great for symptomatic relief, there often lies a greater problem higher up the kinetic chain that needs to be addressed. Pain or sensitivity after an ankle trauma may indicate a common nerve dysfunction, leading to weakness in ankle flexing and bending. Until this region is treated and rehabilitated, patients are likely to re-injure themselves.

Once you’ve had an ankle injury, it’s important to build a maintenance treatment plan. One treatment option is acupuncture. It can help rehabilitate the nervous system and reconfigure a normal pattern of movement.

The body never forgets past injuries but it is able to adapt and re-adapt making maintenance treatments necessary for everyone.

If you struggle with a recent or past ankle injury, come see us at the clinic. We can help build a maintenance plan that’s right for your body.

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