The Ultimate Cold Prevention Strategy

By Dr. Titilayo Olupona

While fall brings changing leaves, shorter days and crisper temperatures, it also brings cold and flu season. This year, take time to protect yourself and your family by applying cold prevention strategies in all areas of your life.

At Home

  • Fuel Your Food – pack your meals with immune-boosting food like kale, blueberries and vitamin C agents.
  • Catch extra Zzzs – get into the habit of setting yourself up for a good nights sleep, every night. Aim for at least 7-8 hours a night. Jump into bed 20 minutes before your sleep time to give your body and mind enough time to unwind.

On Your Commute

If you’re one of the million people taking TTC every day, you can do your part to keep these public spaces clean and healthy:

  • Avoid touching handrails and other surfaces as much as possible.
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after you use transit.
  • If you need to cough or sneeze, do it into your arm.

At Work

  • Keep a private pen stash – cold and flu germs are easily passed through hand-to-hand contact. Keep your own supply of writing utensils at work and avoid sharing them. If you need to lend one out, practice generosity and suggest your colleague keep it.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – aim to drink 8 glasses of water every day. Want an extra immune boosting drink? Try green tea with ginseng which acts as an anti-oxidant.

In Your Community

  • Stay active – make time to get moving. Whether it’s 30 minutes on the elliptical, an aerobic class or an hour run in the park, keeping active will keep your blood and oxygen pumping, increasing the body’s natural virus-killing cells.
  • Wash your hands – whether you are at the grocery store, your child’s daycare or at the gym, germs are everywhere. Keep a stash of hand sanitizer with you and be sure to wash with soap and water whenever you can.

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