Creating a Stress-Free Fall

By Team Simcoe Health

Fall is a time when it feels like the real world comes rushing back to greet us.

School, work, sports, and a million other responsibilities show up as summer slips away. Sadly, it is easy to let all the stress of the new month take over. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Take charge of your fall with these stress-reduction tips from our practitioners.

Incorporate Fun Into Your Daily Life – Dr. Bienenstock, General Practitioner

By finding ways to laugh, smile, and simply have fun in your day, you’ll help your body fight off the negative effects of stress. Here are some ideas to create some time in your day to enjoy yourself and improve your daily health:

  • Pick up an old instrument and play
  • Get lots of exercise
  • Buy or borrow a new book on the Giller Prize List
  • Book a vacation for the future so you have something to look forward to
  • Go apple picking and take in the delights of the season

Practice Daily Mindfulness – Dr. Satin, Psychologist

Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment (not the past, not the future) without judgement. When we train ourselves to become more mindful, we can handle stress better and feel more calm and focused.

Here is my favourite quick mindfulness exercise:

  1. Get as comfortable as possible, sitting in a chair or lying down.
  2. Set a timer if you like, for as long as you want. Perhaps start with 1 or 2 minutes.
  3. Count from one to ten in your head. When you get to 10, start back at one, over and over at your own pace. As different thoughts, images, emotions, or body sensations grab your attention, just notice them and let them go. Try not to follow any train of thought and instead, focus on the counting.

Do not expect your mind to be clear – that is not the point. As you practice this exercise daily over the course of a few weeks, you will notice that it gets easier to let the thoughts go. Cultivating mindfulness can be especially helpful if you find yourself troubled by worries in the middle of the night. Good luck practicing!

Boost Your B Vitamins: Dr. Tamarah Chaddah, N.D. 

Fall can be a very busy time for most. Back from holidays, back to school and head first into a stressful routine. One thing you can do to help reduce your stress levels is to consume regular amounts of B vitamins in your diet. Sometimes referred to as a B complex, the combination of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, and B12 keep our bodies running like a well oiled machine.
Each of these vitamins have individual roles in the body, and can support  a number of things like:
  • Energy levels
  • Healthy skin
  • Stress reduction
  • Memory
  • Oxygen transportation

…and those are just a few.

To increase your intake of B vitamins, consume dark leafy greens, eggs, almonds, avocados, and salmon on a regular basis.

If you find it difficult to incorporate these foods into your diet, Simcoe Place Health Clinic offers IV therapy. Consider this quick and easy way to maximize your vitamin and mineral intake.

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