Kandiss Fernando

Kandiss Fernando, Acupuncturist

Kandiss Fernando, Acupuncturist

Kandiss has been in practice since 2010 and incorporates Chinese Medicine and other forms of traditional healing to facilitate greater feelings of ease in her clients experience of their physical body and in their experiences of their emotional and mento-spiritual 21st century lives. As an Accountant turned Acupuncturist (and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine), Kandiss knows all too well about the unique demands of corporate life and the potential impact it can have on all aspects our our health. The main Modalities Kandiss uses are Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal & Dietary Medicine, Asian Body Work. Applied Mindfulness Meditation & Breath Work. Book an appointment with Kandiss to learn more about how to improve your restful sleep, increase energy motivation and emotional resilience , boost digestion, immunity and functioning of other internal body systems, relieve pain and stress and support fertility (conception to delivery).


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