Therapeutic Compression Hosiery for Improved Blood Flow

Suffering from tired, swollen legs or varicose veins?

Therapeutic compression hosiery offers a convenient, effective solution.

Poor blood flow is a factor in many uncomfortable and problematic conditions involving the legs, feet and ankles, including:

  • Tiredness and swelling (when standing or sitting for long periods, in expectant mothers, and in individuals struggling with weight issues)
  • Chronic venous insufficiency and other venous leg disorders
  • Moderate to severe varicose veins
  • Schlerotherapy treatment
  • Lymphedema

Therapeutic compression hosiery can help

Therapeutic compression hosiery (also known as medical gradient compression stockings) are engineered to improve venous blood flow and lymphatic blood flow. They do this by delivering a controlled amount of pressure which is greatest at the ankle and decreases gradually toward the top of the stocking. This design makes for a comfortable experience for the wearer while helping to relieve:

  • Moderate ankle and leg swelling
  • Moderate vericosities
  • Issues encountered after schlerotherapy treatment.

Compression stockings to suit every need

Therapeutic compression hosiery offers a convenient and effective solution for anyone who suffers from swollen legs or ankles and related medical conditions. Available in a variety of contemporary designs, compression hosiery is also the stocking of choice for many individuals who enjoy the everyday comfort and support at home or at the workplace.

Simcoe Place Medical Clinic offers therapeutic compression hosiery that provides moderate support (20-30mmHg) in a wide range of styles:

  • Trouser socks, knee-high and thigh-high stockings
  • Traditional pantyhose and maternity pantyhose
  • And more!


Contact Simcoe Place Medical Clinic to find out if therapeutic compression hosiery is right for you and to learn more about our available styles.

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