Is Morning Massage the Secret to a Productive Day?

By Christina Ranallo R.M.T

Morning Massage - Simcoe Place Health ClinicMassage therapy has a number of health benefits, and many people find that they get the most out of massage if they schedule it at the end of their day.

But did you know that having a massage in the morning comes with its own host of benefits?

A morning massage can help you start your day on the right foot by energizing your mind and body.

Here are three advantages to kicking off your day with a massage:

Relieve Those Morning Kinks

Having a massage first thing in the morning will help get out any knots that may have formed in your body during sleep. If you sleep in the same position nearly every night, you probably have some muscular imbalances that could use some correcting. A morning massage will also help to increase blood flow, and loosen joints and muscles after a decrease in circulation during your overnight rest.

Be Your Best Self

By lowering blood pressure, decreasing inflammation, and increasing relaxation and digestive response, a morning massage helps you to be your best self – all day.

De-stress and Reset

Perhaps most importantly, a morning massage will decrease physical and mental stress – stress that can preoccupy our minds and get in the way of a healthy body. A morning massage can help you reset, making life more manageable.

Ready to tackle anything that comes your way? Book your morning massage and start your day feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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