Dealing with afternoon slump? Take a Stretch break


It’s more effective than your usual mocha venti skim latte! Our newest RMT Erin Ladd demonstrates some stretches to help relieve shoulder and neck tension

Neck and shoulder “stiffness”, related to office work, is by far the most prevalent reason clients are booking in for massage therapy. A study has shown that pain-free employees have the same work attendance as their colleague in pain. Although a livelihood is not affected by pain, quality of life certainly is. This piece is written to provide some helpful tips to increase resilience for desk job workers and build momentum towards pain-free movements during their days off.

Time is precious and adding physical activity to a long list of things to do seems impossible. Well, good news! A Research has outlined the 20 mins of exercise 3 days a week and 60 mins of static stretching 3-5 days a week had considerably reduced neck and shoulder discomfort and increased joint range of motion.

Here are some exercises that will help you to strengthen your neck and shoulder:

3 sets of 10-15 repetitions 3 days a week is recommended for the following exercises*


Neck and Chest stretch:

Stretching should be performed gently and deep breathing while doing the stretches is encouraged


*if you experience any pain while doing these exercises please stop immediately.

Erin Erin Ladd, RMT is a new member of SPHC.

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