Tips For Having a Healthy Halloween


Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year—fun for the whole family! This spooky night can be fun, all the candy and sugar can take a toll on our bodies. Our children need to learn that while Halloween is all fun and sugar, there’s moderation as well.

Here are some tips for our children to have a healthy Halloween:

  • Sit down and have dinner before trick or treating. It’s hard to keep children in the same spot when they’re excited but giving them a healthy dinner before they go out will help to curb their appetite. This way when they get home they won’t want to eat a mass amount of candy!
  • Set the focus of Halloween to fun, not food. The main focus of Halloween has always been to dress up and knock on doors to get candy. It doesn’t always have to be this way. You can make Halloween about having fun, dressing up and playing games with the family. Of course, let your children do some trick or treating but, that doesn’t always have to be the main focus.
  • Let them eat some candy. Even though candy isn’t healthy, allow them to eat some of the goodies they’ve worked so hard for! Although, since you fed them dinner they won’t want to eat as much of it!
  • Only allow a couple of treats a day.  For the following days ahead, don’t just give your child the bag of chocolate, meter it out. Put the candy away and when they ask for it, give them a couple. This way the children wont be able to eat to whole bag as soon as you turn around!
  • Teach them that fruit is just as yummy as candy. We have always put such an emphasis on unhealthy food; so, before you make your kids excited about candy, make them excited about fruit. Fruit is just as sweet as candy, if not more sweet, and tastes even better!

At Simcoe Place Health Clinic, we love Halloween but we also love to stay healthy. If you need any advice or guidance for being the healthiest person you can be, see our Naturopath Tamarah Chaddah for nutritional services.

Happy Halloween!


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